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Who am I?

“When I’m dead and gone, you’ll remember me as entertaining.” ~my mother

Well hello there, I’m Bonniejean B, and it’s nice to meet you! By day, I am a medical device engineer, seeking to improve people’s lives and health through technology and attending a lot of meetings. But on nights and weekends (and sometimes very early mornings), I live the secret double life of a voiceover artist and musician, striving to nourish their souls by telling stories with my voice. Well, maybe it’s not so secret if I’ve made this whole website about it, but I digress…

I have always loved and been fascinated by our instinctual need as humans to tell and listen to stories, and I channel my experiences as a theater and sketch comedy kid, singer-songwriter, a cappella performer, and on-air QVC guest (wait, what!? …story for another time, perhaps) into this passion.

Fun facts: I am a twin, an Aries, adopter of cats (see exhibit A below, my creative team), an amateur practicer of aerial yoga, and a super fan of Doctor Who and Jane Austen. My favorite Yankee candle is lilac, favorite dessert is lemon bars, and favorite humor is British farce.

Photo credit: Joe Flahive

My Creative Team

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